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MTR Bands

Videos of bands featured on Metal Thunder Radio.


MTR YouTube

Metal Thunder Radio has a YouTube channel now. Remember to subscribe and check out all the interviews we've done.


NYC Rocks

A Rock N Roll reality web series that follows different characters active in the current New York City rock and metal scene.
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Rolling Thunder DVD

The best live underground shows are filmed exclusively by Rolling Thunder DVD. Over the course of the last few years we have been very lucky to have been given the chance to document some incredible underground metal and hard rock bands that have come to the NYC area. This is true underground hard hitting thrash/death/speed/heavy metal & hard rock, no "nu" metal and no "emo" garbage. This channel is dedicated to the music that the mainstream media has consistently swept under the rug. To hell with them! We're doing just fine without you. For more information please visit Rolling Thunder on Facebook or subscribe to the YouTube channel


Concept Sweden Management

Our vision is to change the future as we know it, starting by changing the future of people around us, that deserves it!



A metal studio project featuring various artists.
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One Last Show

A web series that chronicles the history of 3 Metal bands as they prep for a reunion show.
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